Drilz (Umwina Jerri) Ndi Waku Jericho Mixtape.

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Steady rising Zambian rapper and songwriter Drilz (Umwina Jerri)  has unveiled the official tracklist for his well anticipated Mixtape “Ndi Waku Jericho“. Drilz (Umwina Jerri) who is currently to  Music has been steadily gaining momentum of late. His Mixtape promises to make a wave in the Zambian rap circles.

We can confirm that his Mixtape compromises of 12 tracks plus 2 bonus tracks. Drilz (Umwina Jerri)  has collaborated with many artists in this mixtape.

One fun fact about the Mixtape is that all the first letters n story’s of the song titles on the tracklist put together spell out the name “Drilz (Umwina Jerri)“… Creativity? 

Ndi Waku Jericho Mixtape is expected to drop on the 23th of December 2021. Check out the official tracklist below.



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